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Braly Rules & Regulations


Students are expected to be in school every day. Please report student's absences to the school office by phone (423 - 1000) as early as possible on the day of the absence. Excused absences, or those that will not be considered truancy, are the following:
  • Personal illness,  personal doctor or other medical professional appointments - advance permission required.
  • Funeral attendance, religious holiday or ceremony, personal appearance in court - advance permission required.
Please avoid unexcused absences such as shopping or vacation trips as they impair the learning process of your child.


For the protection of your child, your cooperation with the following requirements will be appreciated: 1. All adults MUST come to the school OFFICE to request students and sign them out. 2. All adults MUST be prepared to present photo I.D. in order to check a student out. 3. All adults other than parents MUST be identified on the emergency card in order to check a student out.


State law requires parents of children 6-18 years of age to send their children to school. Students with unexcused absences are considered truant. Being more than 30 minutes late three days is also considered a truancy. Students with a tardy or absence problem will be referred to the District School Attendance Review Board (sarb).


Any amount of cash or check may be deposited to an individual account by returning payment in the prepayment envelope. Parents are encouraged to pay their children's meals by the month or even longer. Make checks payable to Braly School. Each food purchase is deducted from the balance electronically. The cashier will remind your child when the balance covers two meals or fewer. Charging lunches is not allowed by district regulations. In an emergency, parents may call the cafeteria to make arrangements for their childs lunch at 423-1000 or online with Milk is available each day for $.50 for children bringing lunch from home.
Breakfast (Full Pay) $1.50 / Lunch (Full Pay) $2.75


If a student needs to take medication during the school day, it must be administered through the school office. This includes over-the-counter medication such as aspirin, cough drops etc. Students are prohibited by state law from having medication in their possession on school grounds. In accordance with District Policy #5443, the following are required:
  1. A written statement from the physician detailing the method, dosage and time such medication should be taken.
  2. A written statement from the parent or guardian indicating that the school assist the student as set forth in the physician's statement.
  3. Medication must be in the original pharmaceutical container.


At Braly school, we expect all students to:

1. Come to school ready to learn.
2. Treat others with respect.
3. Solve problems by talking.
4. Follow playground and lunch area procedures.
5. Use appropriate language.
6. Keep our school clean.


Braly has a conflict resolution program that encourages cooperation, achievement, and individual success as integral components of a peaceful learning community. The following resolution strategies are modeled, discussed, and practiced in our classrooms:

  • Wait and cool off.
  • Go to another activity.
  • Share and take turns.
  • Talk it out (I-messages).
  • Walk away.
  • Ignore it.
  • Tell them to stop.
  • Apologize.
  • Make a deal.

Student conflict managers are trained to assist students in implementing these strategies on the playground and in the classroom.


All students are encouraged to check out books from the school library. Each child may check out two books for one week. Please help your child take good care of the books and return them on time so others may also enjoy them.


Students are allowed to use the office phone only when necessary. Plans for after school pickup need to be agreed upon by other means. Students using the phone must have a permission slip from their teacher.


Please notify the school office if you have a change of address or telephone number. It is very important to your child's safety that these records be kept up to date.


A 'Lost & Found' is located in the multipurpose room. Please mark articles of clothing, lunch boxes, book bags, backpacks and other possessions with your child's name. Encourage your child to look for lost items immediately. Unclaimed articles will be donated to a charitable organization at the end of the school year.


This group of parents and staff meets regularly throughout the year to review the school curriculum and site needs. The SSC makes recommendations to raise the academic performance and mprove our school's educational program.


This group discusses information regarding the English Language Development Program. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend ELAC meetings.


This group words to form strong community support for Braly school. All family members are encouraged to belong. The membership drive takes place in September.


Parents who are interested in observing a classroom need to call the school office in order to make advance arrangements and follow the procedure for all visitors on campus. Stop by the office, sign in, present ID upon request, and get a visitor's badge. Classroom volunteers must get a TB clearance.


The Santa Clara Unified School District celebrates diversity and is committed in all of its activities, policies, programs, and procedures to provide equal opportunity for all to avoid discrimination or harassment against any person regardless of age, race, gender, sex, actual or perceived sexual orientation, Vietnam-era veteran status, or any other reason. The District will make reasonable accommodations for applicants, employees and students with disabilities.

The title IX Coordinator is:

Brad Syth 
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
1889 Lawrence Road - Santa Clara, CA 95052
Phone 408-423-2017 Fax 408-423-2282





* Each trimester, students from grades K-5 are recognized for specific accomplishments.
* Awards Assembly - recognition of achievements and appreciation for school service made at our end-of-year assembly.
* Classroom Recognition - each classroom has an individual process to acknowledge individual students and the whole class.
* Classroom Consequences - each teacher has a clear plan to reinforce school procedures and rules.
* Referrals to office for serious or repetitively disruptive infractions - parent will be contacted at the principle's discretion.


We will establish a school culture based on the following tenets:

  • Everyone has a right to feel safe.
  • We value and respect each other.
  • Everyone feels the responsibility to be a contributing member of the community.
  • We acknowledge each member's role in our community.
  • Everyone respects the right of others to have and express differing opinions.

Students know they have a voice in problem solving. We provide daily guidance to make clear our expectations for appropriate behavior by the   following:

  • Establishment of procedures designed to help protect the safety and rights of all.
  • Modeling
  • Role playing
  • Identifying and practicing peaceful conflict resolution strategies
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Astroskills study

Establishing respect for each member's role through the fostering of personal connections. Maliciousness will be dealt with consistently and firmly. Response appropriate to the situation includes, alone or in combination, the following:

  • Parent contact
  • Loss of privileges
  • Restriction of activity to those areas most proximate to direct adult supervision.
  • Parent conference
  • Individual contract
  • Suspension

Referral to police Untolerated behaviors include the following:

  • Demoralizing or intimidating others
  • Intentional physical violence
  • Any other severe infractions of another's rights


Braly is a zero tolerance school for knives, guns and other weapons. Students who bring these to school will be suspended from school and reported to Sunnyvale Public Safety. No excuses are accepted. In keeping with the spirit of this district policy, we ask parents not to allow toy weapons as part of costumes.


According to state law, students must be suspended from school for the following:

  • Caused physical injury to another person.
  • Possessed, sold, or furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object
  • Possessed, sold or used a controlled substance

Committed robbery or extortion Students may be suspended from school 1-5 days for the following:

  • Disturbing school activities
  • Harassment of students
  • Use of profanity or vulgarity
  • Defiance of authority
  • Damaging school property


When students are aboard the bus, they are directly responsible to the school bus driver. A notice will be sent to parents when misbehavior occurs. Repeated notices may result in bus privileges being denied.


Students dress and/or appearance (including backpacks, binders, and other personal articles) shall be safe, neat, clean and appropriate for school attendance. Student dress or appearance shall not be disruptive or offensive to the educational environment or process. Clothing that may be appropriate for other private family occasions and activities away from school may not be appropriate to be worn to school. Any student whose personal actions, hygiene or dress is offensive, disruptive, overly distracting or dangerous to others or to the student himself/herself, will be sent home until such conditions are corrected. The final authority for what is appropriate, safe, clean, and non-disruptive shall rest with the school administration. The school administration reserves the authority to establish its own standards of dress and appearance, which is in compliance with the California Administrative Code, Title 5, Section 301. Footwear must be worn on campus at all times. For safety purposes (during play and P.E.classes), shoes should be flat and closed toe. Clothing that clearly exposes or draws attention to private body parts or undergarments such as tube tops, halter tops, short tops exposing the navel/belly button, or pants that sag exposing ones underwear or buttocks shall not be allowed at school. All belts will be tucked in and will not be allowed to hang down, and no chains or chains attached to wallets are allowed. Shorts should be at least to mid-thigh. We want our students to feel proud and dress accordingly.


Students in grades 3-5 may ride bikes to school. They should be familiar with bike safety rules and must wear helmets. All bikes should be licensed. They should be parked and locked at the bike rack, and must be walked on/off campus. The school is not responsible for damaged or stolen bikes. Students are not allowed to ride Rollerblades-type inline skates, skateboards or scooters to and from school.


Report cards are issued at the end of each trimester: November, March and June.


Goal setting conferences will be held one during the year with parents of all students. Additional conferences will be scheduled by teachers or at parent request. Do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher if you have a concern about your child's progress.


Student possession and use of cell phones are subject to the conditions of the SCUSD Board policy provided in the District Student and Parent Information Handbook. The designated area for student cell phone use at Braly School is at the blue benches around the flagpole in front of the school. Use before school must be completed before the 8:25 starting bell.