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PTA Membership

Be Part of Our T.E.A.M.

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Be part of our T.E.A.M. where T.ogether E.veryone A.chieves M.ore!

Together we have the ability to inspire and positively impact the lives of our children,

to enrich their educational experience,

and make sure they have the resources they need,

and that is done by BUILDING and SUPPORTING the Braly Community TOGETHER.


Our students and teachers need your support!

PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) - A venue for parents, teachers and the community to work together to collaborate and exchange ideas about educational programs, activities and resources that benefit our students.  Your voice and advocacy for your child will make a difference!


We all have busy lives and may not have a lot of time to participate in PTA, but you don't have to. Together we can all enhance our children’s school experience by simply becoming a PTA member for only $8.00.  Through additional direct donations you help fund and support Braly’s programs and activities.


Braly receives a portion of the $8.00 however, the remainder supports the additional PTA organizations at the Council, District, State and National levels. That said, something to be aware of... Braly receives 100% of all direct donations.


A few examples of things your $8.00 membership and direct donation supports:

  • Music program – unique to Braly                                - Braly Community events
  • Assemblies                                                                     - Halloween Happening
  • Classroom activities                                                      - Yearbook
  • Positive Behavior Intervention                                                - Book Fair
  • Purchase recess equipment                                        - and new this year, T.E.A.M!                                                                                                                                                                                          

 Benefits to joining Braly’s PTA Community:

  • Opportunities to enrich your child’s education.
  • Collaborate with other parents and teachers on programs, assemblies and activities for our students.
  • Having a voice in what's going on and being an advocate for your child!


In addition to being a part of your child’s education there are other benefits such as discounts to:   CA Academy of Science, Baskin Robbins, Gilroy Gardens, LEGOland, MetLife & more!  :)