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Field Trip Volunteers


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Braly Elementary School

A California Distinguished School

675 Gail Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA   94086

(408) 423-1000

Bobbie Plough Ed.D                                                                                                                   Miakje Kamstra

Superintendent                                                                                                                                 Principal


To prepare students of all ages and abilities to succeed in an ever-changing world¼




Dear Parents and Guardians,


Fieldtrips are an important part of students’ educational experience at Braly. Please note the following procedures we will be asking you to adhere to in order to assure a safe, fun experience for all.


  1. All fieldtrips will require a permission slip to be completed with the most current emergency information and parent signature.
  2. No “over the phone” permission will be granted.
  3. If your child does not have a permission slip, or you do not want him/her to attend, he/she is still required to come to school. He/she will be placed in another classroom.
  4. Chaperones are requested for many of our trips. Keep in mind that a chaperone has certain responsibilities. In most cases a chaperone is responsible for managing a small group of students. Teachers will explain the chaperone role for each trip.
  5. We discourage parents to join students on a trip simply to accompany them unless you are an acting chaperone. This causes a burden of responsibility on the teacher in terms of numbers of students/adults to manage. Often times there are limited numbers of seats on a bus which limits the numbers of adults we can accommodate.
  6. There are times when a parent/guardian might be asked to chaperone their own student if this is deemed necessary in order to support the student having a successful experience.”
  7. Keep in mind that if you decide to show up at a venue and are not an official chaperone, you cannot join the school group, as this puts a burden on the teacher and can be confusing to students.
  8. Remember to provide your student(s) with appropriate clothing and sunscreen/hat for all trips.



Thank you for your cooperation,

Ms. Kamstra, Principal







An Equal Opportunity Employer - With Non-Discriminatory Programs and Activities