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All students in grades 4 and 5, and students who are ready in grades 3 have received a subscription to ALEKS. ALEKS is an individualized, online math program designed to fill the gaps that students may have in their mathematical knowledge, or help them advance their mathematical knowledge. Our school wide goal is for students to use ALEKS at least one hour per week. Licenses are active over the summer and are highly encourages to be used.

Students log in to ALEKS at, using the usernames and passwords provided by their teacher.

ALEKS requires the use of “plug-ins” that download to your home computer. If your computer does not want to run ALEKS, please use the “streaming plug-in” option outlined below.  If you have any other questions regarding ALEKS, please direct them to your student’s math teacher.

How do I use the ALEKS "streaming" plug-in?

The ALEKS "streaming" plug-in can be used if you need to access ALEKS at home or in a public library, if installing software is difficult or prohibited.

Important: The "streaming" plug-in should NOT be used in a school or college computer lab, or any other location where more than a few persons are using ALEKS at the same time. In any educational lab setting, the regular ALEKS plug-in MUST be installed. If the "streaming" plug-in is used in a lab setting it may not function properly.

To use the "streaming" plug-in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and simply log in to or register with ALEKS as you normally would.
  2. Upon first login, ALEKS will automatically retrieve the ALEKS plug-in from the server and store it in the browser's "cache" memory. You don't need to grant any special user rights or have writing privileges on a computer for this installation to occur.
  3. The plug-in will be available in the browser's cache until an updated version is available on the ALEKS server or until you clear the browser's cache.
  4. Important: When you restart the browser and return to ALEKS, you must go to

If you do not add "/plugin" to the end of the URL, ALEKS will attempt to install the standard ALEKS plug-in on your computer instead of using the streaming version of the ALEKS plug-in.

Download time:

  • Up to 1 minute on a fast connection (DSL, Cable modem, LAN).
  • Up to 10 minutes on a 56K modem.

Minimum Requirements:

  • The system requirements are the same as for the standard ALEKS plug-in.
  • "Cookies" must be enabled on your browser.