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Dismissal Procedures

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Braly Elementary School
A California Distinguished School




In order to assure our students’ safety, as well as make certain there are no distractions during instructional time, we ask that you follow these Dismissal Procedures:

1. Parents/guardians will wait in designated areas until students are personally dismissed by classroom teachers. When the dismissal bell rings, teachers will line students up and walk them to their designated pick up area. Students will let teachers know when their parent/guardian has arrived. At this time teachers will release the student. Each teacher will share their preferred communication system with you. Please follow this and do NOT walk up to talk to the teacher during the dismissal process. Please do not wave for your child to come to you without knowing the teacher has acknowledged that you are there through verification by the student. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please wait until all students have been dismissed, then approach the teacher.

  • Transitional Kindergarten: AM and PM session-parents will meet students/teacher at the classroom door the first week of school. Beginning the 2nd week parents will meet students/teacher on the front lawn. Please wait for teacher to dismiss students one at a time. Do not take your child until the teacher has made contact with you.
  • Kindergarten parents will wait outside the kindergarten yard near the sidewalk/ dirt area on the side of the school near room 12. Cones will initially mark the area we’d like you to stand behind. When the dismissal bell rings, parents will meet students/teacher at classroom door. Do not take your child until the teacher has made contact with you.
  • First Grade and Room 13 parents/guardians will pick students up on the Daffodil street side of the school, in the area defined by a gate/fence, near room 16. Please stay behind the gate until students are brought out. Teachers will make contact with you before dismissing children.
  • Second, Fourth, Fifth Grade and room 6 parents/guardians are asked to wait in the front of the school--away from classrooms until students are brought out and dismissed.

2. The Parking lot gate will be chained closed during dismissal to ensure safety. You will need to find side street parking. Avoid any areas marked with a NO PARKING sign.

3. During the 2:21-2:46pm instructional time, NO NON-STAFF persons will be allowed in the halls/picnic tables/bathrooms etc., unless you are working on site in a volunteer status, as it is too distracting to upper grade classroom instruction. If you are working in a volunteer status, we request that you not hold conversations near classrooms, as conversations easily carry into classrooms.  If you are a volunteer, you MUST have signed in at the office and be wearing a badge. If you or your primary age student needs to use the restroom, please go to the office.

4. If you have a student in grades K-2 that are waiting for their older sibling, an adult still MUST pick these students up and wait with them after school.

5. Students who are not picked up on time will be sent to the office to have parents phoned.

Thank you for your support following our dismissal procedures. Our main priority is the safety of our students.